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So I Really Have The Greatest Hiv Doctor In The Uk,Paid By Insurance
But Yesterday Despite Feeling Good (Ignore The Root Canal) He Took
Blood For Everything Including PSA (Or SOmething Like That) For
Cancer Which He Stated Was Not Very Reliable!!!!!!
I Want Too Know Everything In Advance But A Maybe Is Not That
Encouraging.Im Now Flying To Hong Kong On Business And Cannot
Focus On Anything Else.
                  Freaked Out

Hey Simon. Did not understand correctly I think. He ordered a blood test for PSA, but he said the test was not too reliable?.

About being thinking on HIV things only, easy boy. I am exactly the same... You are not alone. :)


PSA test are good, but they must be paired with a digital exam...

hello simon

psa test, on there own as lis says, are not diagnostic, ie they require further tests to put the results into context.
some more information:

if you are a uk citizen, you (or your insurance) shouldnt be having to pay to see the greatest hiv doctors in the uk...the brilliance of the nhs, it is accessible for free?

enjoy HK



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