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...I am shitting myself for nothing.
I got a call from the lab: the test is negative.

Since it was done at 7 weeks, I won't even bother testing at 12.

I still need to work on my sore throat + swollen arm pits (4 weeks), but... what? Uh, OK, this is an HIV forum, point taken...


Andy Velez:
Your negative result is a happy one although of course no surprise to anyone who's been following this thread.

Discuss your symptoms with your doctor. They have nothing to do with HIV. Period. End of story.

Good luck with getting your concerns sorted out.

I had my blood taken today. That's after the 12 week window period, which is the conservative window in Australia.
I said I wouldn't bother; but, I really want to put this out of my mind, and - when it comes back negative - post the result for the worried wells here, or anybody, to read.

So much has happened over the last 12 weeks of my life, it's not even funny.

And yes, I still have this stupid sore throat and big armpit lymph node, and yes, I am going to see a throat specialist on the 24th of November to find out what it is. I wonder what it is, and I wonder if it could possibly be an STD. The GP had no idea. So, we'll see.



I got the results. They are what everybody here knew what they would be.

I thanked you all already. I would like to do it again.

Ann. Matty, Andy, everybody: thank you.

(Not scared)

My cancer scans were clear as well!


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