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Hi experts,
I am surprised, after about 3 weeks not visit, now this site come with new look. Its nice and wonderful. Great jobs and congratulations!!
However, I can not find my previous posting that I posted 3 weeks ago. Maybe it has been archived. At that time I  post under "Fears of getting HIV forum", and my posting title was : (SALIVA + PRECUM).
Since I can not find either my userID and my posting in this new look site, I create new userID and new posting here. Please apologize me if this is not correct procedure. I just want to continue my topic rather than create new.
Here I want to post what I have experiencing during last 3 weeks after the incident.

Quote below describe my incident that I have posted in fears of getting HIV forum :
The incident (I posted it 3 weeks ago, about 12 May 2006):
Hi experts,

I have learnt many things about HIV transmission from this forum. Many
thanks for your education. I have learnt which activity poses high
risk, low
risk, and no risk. Based on those knowledge I try to do sex as safe as

From your education, I understand what happened to me last night (i.e.
mutual hand jobs/masturbation and receiving oral sex) basically can be
categorized as no risk. However, I think it was not just a smooth
oral and hand jobs.

What had happened is as follows:
1) He was a bit rude when did blow job on my penis, resulting
irritation on
my gland penis. (fyi. I am circumsized). It was a small scratch
from his teeth, dark red mark (almost dark purple),not an open sore and
2) After blow my penis, he spitted on his right palm, and used his
saliva on
his palm to masturbate his own penis.
3) About 1-2 minutes he masturbated himself, suddenly he grab my penis
masturbated me using the same hand he used to masturbated himself.
4) He masturbated me for a brief, since I asked him to stop to
me. I was afraid that his precum on his palm get in contact with the
and opening of urethra on my gland penis. Then I took over, continue to
masturbate myself using my own hand until I ejaculated.

I know saliva is not infectious, however, what have made me
uncomfortable is
a worry if his precum (i.e. mix with his saliva as lubricant when he
masturbated his own penis) come into contact with the scratch and the
urethra opening on my gland penis (i.e. when he suddenly grab my penis
masturbated me using the same hand he used to masturbated himself).  I
felt that my penis was slippery, not sure whether it was his saliva
only, OR
it was his saliva mix with his precum.

Please let me know,
Was it still can be categorized as “safe sex”?
Was I at risk?
Do I need a HIV test for those incident?


Below is what had hapened to me during last 3 weeks after the incident :

1 week after incident:
13 May (2 days after the incident), got fever.
15 May stomach cramp, pain due to intestinal juice. Go to GP, diagnozed as gastritis.
17 May, cough. Take Cough syrup, but I stopped it  (since it has effect on gastritis)
19 May, still pain of gastritits, fever, cough. Went to Gastroenterology specialist. Endoscopy done, no ulcer found in stomach/intestines. The doctor gave medicine for gastritits.
2 week after incident:
25 May, Gastritis getting better, but still cough and mild fever. 37.5 C (99.5 F)
26 May, continue to take cough syrup.
29 May, fever, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat. Small neck swollen glands, under the right jowl, as small as peanuts.
3 week after incident:
31 May, take antibiotic, flu tablets, and expectorant cough syrup.
Today, 3 June, still got cough. Normal temperature (36.5 C /  97.7 F)
The small swollen glands under my right jowl has dissapered. The cough come with phlegm. Sneezing. Phlegm also come when I blow on my nose.
About "mild" fever, the highest is just about 37.5 C (99.5 F), and at those days (until now) I can still do daily activities (go to the office, went to cinema, walking, etc). There was not any rash at all.
I am afraid since it is mentioned that Accute HIV symptoms usually come after 2 weeks as "flu like symptoms".
Is this real influenza I have been experiencing (i.e. normal cold flu/respiratory infection) or "flu like sypmtoms" as mentioned as part of accute HIV infection?
I know that symptoms or the lack of symptoms mean nothing when it comes to hiv infection, and it is impossible to give a diagnosis over the internet based on just a list of symptoms. Just wonder whether my symptoms is relevant with HIV infection.

Should I worry about it?

You wasn't at risk for HIV. There is nothing to worry about.

Andy Velez:
Nothing has changed since you received responses first time around. Mutual masturbation, receiving a blow job and any other details you have included add up to a nil for risk situation. You aren't going to make history by becoming the first guy to become infected in this manner.

If you haven't already read the lesson on transmission you should take some time away from worrying unnecessarily and read the lesson.

As for your symptoms, if any of them persist you should discuss them with your doctor.

No matter what your mind maybe telling you to the contrary, this is absolutely not an HIV situation. Period.



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