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Robbing the Cradle--UPDATED

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well when u pick him up at school, no one will think anything of it if he calls you "daddy".  ;D

When I was 21 I dated a 40-year-old man for about a year. We got along fine but our friends didn't mix too well. I broke it off when he started getting serious and talking about a future. I heard from friends that he was very upset when I broke it off but as naive as I was at 21 I knew I wasn't ready for a commitment. Now that I'm 40 I can't imagine dating a 21-year-old. Frankly I don't find guys that young even sexually attractive. Obviously I didn't want to date 21-year-olds even when I was that age!

If it's just for friendship and support then who cares.  Actually who cares regardless of what it is, since he can legally consent (check the license, girl).  And as long as you two enjoy each others company, then so be it.

You're office mate sounds very amusing.  It's just a date, could be fun.  What kinda support does he need?  Anything beyond the date or some playtime could be tedious.  Dealing with needy teenagers is my job.  Dating one isn't my cup of tea.  Go and enjoy - and you must tell us the details after!

Creighton, you seem like a man of integrity (based on our PM's) .....I really don't have anything else to add other than that


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