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Robbing the Cradle--UPDATED

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Matty the Damned:
. . . . and think of all the free fries he can bring home from work! ;)


"Let's go back to my dorm and cuddle"... I just could not handle that. My days of sex in the frat house are a fond and distant memory, but not one I would like to repeat.

But if you like him, go for it "Daddy". ;)

And, Basquo, it was preferable going home alone, with (hopefully) a hard-on? Jerking off alone? Why is going into a dorm to cuddle such a big deterrent deal?! More of a lecture coming later. Jay

Back to the DORM???????? oh no noo noooo.  Get a motel room if necessary but NOT the dorm.
I was 14 and sucking cock, so I know from experience that age is a very sore subject.  After I hit 30 I went for younger guys,....and now that I am 62 almost everyone IS younger lol.!!!!! My partner is 12 yrs younger than me.

I don't know the big deal is, sheesh. :D  When I was 19, a 36 year old woman "broke" me in about sex, and what she taught me sure helped me with "girls" my age when I decided I had to go (well, she was married at the time, and her son was a couple of years younger than me, lol :D ).


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