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How drugs get tested


Tonight on PBS a new series AIR ran a show on how drugs get tested and by who.
Approximately 3.7 million Americans have enrolled in drug tests sponsored by the world's largest pharmaceutical companies -- a crucial part of the FDA approval process for new prescription medicines. Contrary to Americans' expectations that these tests be done safely and ethically, however, a ground-breaking report by BLOOMBERG MARKETS magazine found that "across the U.S., the centers that do the testing -- and the regulators who watch them -- allow scores of people to be injured or killed."

Why am I not surprised? Suddenly socialist states seem more appealing.

I saw an ad in the underground (subway), asking for male participants for various clinical trials.  The ad said that all the studies were approved by UK governmental body, participants would be paid for their time and they would receive a free medical check-up.  No where did it talk about the risk of being involved in a clinical trial.

In college, there was a building, (right across the highway from the university), that ran clinical trials.  The company used UT as a feeding ground for new recruits for various studies.  Most students saw it as an easy way to get money.

The BBC ran a report on how the drug companies (or perhaps these independent clinical trial organizations/companies) ran unethical drug studies in developing nations (particularly India). 

Drug trials are necessary and well you do have intice people to do them.  But there should be strict safety and ethical guidelines that are applicable worldwide.


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