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Broward County dragging butts with Welvista

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Well, I am lucky enough here in Florida to still be able to get my hiv meds thru ADAP but my partner was transitioned over to Welvista (as everyone knows they are providing hiv meds to our state until april)........and he has been waiting for his meds for 9 days now. From what we read from the Broward County health department the whole process was supposed to be seamless and u just called in ur meds as normal and go pick them up at the ADAP pharmacy. But nope they have a whole separate person (Brenda is her name) handling the Welvista people. If u got transitioned to getting ur meds thru Welvista you have to call this Brenda person and ask for your refills. She told my partner (on Feb 16) his meds would be in last friday. Then an assistant of hers called him this past Monday and said middle of this week. Now it's Friday the 25th and still no hiv meds.......and no answers. Not even a return phone call.

This mismanagement is typical of this state. They have totally incompetent people running the show down here!

is your partner going without meds?

(this could very well be just another one of many reasons to do whatever is neccesary to store a backup supply of meds for yourself)

No i have a backup supply (not the same meds as his) and he is taking mine for the time-being. But that's not the point. He was supposed to get his meds in 48 hrs.......and it's been 9 days. I take combivir and viramune. He takes truvada and incentress. I just hope this doesnt lead to some resistance issues for him. About the backup supply point u make. Down here in Florida they only allow you to have a 30day supply of meds in your possession at a time which means u have to fill your RX at the same time every month....cant do it early. Luckily when I first tested poz I lived in Illinois and since they mail your ADAP meds to you .......they also let you fill your meds early so I was always able to fill my rx's in Illinois a week ahead of time and build up some backup.  

This is how bad they are down here and how stupid. Back in like 2006 I wanted to transfer my meds from one ADAP pharmacy to one that was closer to where I lived. The pharmacy i was transferring to told me to bring my prescription bottles in and they would transfer them. will never believe this. When i took my rx bottles into the pharmacy i maybe had 5 days worth of meds in each bottle. They took my bottles.....opened them and threw away........YES......threw away into the trash perfectly good meds and wouldnt give me back my rx bottles. I was so mad. I asked them why they threw away my rx bottles that had pills in them and the guy responded "you are only allowed to have a 30 day supply at a time".  I was floored. So I sat there and waited 45 minutes for them to transfer and fill my next supply of meds. Now that i look back on what happened though and the fact that florida's adap is broke..........them throwing away perfectly good meds doesnt suprise me.

I really wish I had it in me right to to freaking move out of this horrible state. I'd love to live somewhere like Oregon or Washington state from what i've read online they have pretty good hiv services. Unfortunately my dog is in the middle of chemotherapy for lymphoma cancer (stage 1) so a big move would be a huge stress on him. Plus the fact that so much is in the air nationwide with ADAP's makes me nervous about moving anywhere b/c at anytime things can change in any state. I wonder how hard it is to get Canadian citizenship. I say, bring on the socialism!

 Colorado has a good adap program, well at least they did when I lived there.  You only had to qualify for the Co. indigent care program and belong to one of aids projects, (sorry mr. codeine is kicking in and I can't think of the initials you all use.) and you were automatically enrolled in adap.  When my ex would call in his medicine he had it the next day, unless you called the day before a holiday.  the only catch is you couldn't have insurance, and if you made to much money for cicp you couldn't get adap.
  Pa. isn't to bad either.  I get my meds from the local pharmacy.  They don't keep them in stock so I have to call about 3 days  before I run out. I can only order 30 day supply, ( I thought that was the way it is everywhere) but I can order a few days early.  I guess I'm glad I moved from Fl. a few years ago.  Since I haven't had problems here in Pa. maybe I will stay here.
  Now if only my chest would stop hurting and I would stop coughing I will be happy.  Well happier, won't be to happy until I can hold my motorcycle up and ride it.
  I agree with that one guy, (can't think of his name) this HIV stuff is a bitch.

Joe K:

--- Quote from: cardsfan69 on February 24, 2011, 11:59:41 PM ---This mismanagement is typical of this state. They have totally incompetent people running the show down here!

--- End quote ---

Of course they do, because the Republican legislature designed it that way. I lived in Floriduh for 12 years and had to jump through their hoops for years. The system is purposely designed to be as inhumane as possible, because they really don't care if pozzies live or die. Actually, that is untrue, they really want us to die, so they can give more tax breaks to the rich.


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