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Starting Egrifta today

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Hi there--

I am starting treatment with Egrifta today.  Has anyone else started?  Anything you would like me to report?

My lipo began in the late 90's.  Went off meds from 2002-2008, and my body kept VL and CD4 in check.  Resumed meds (Atripla) in 2008, due to lowering CD4's (400 range).  Within 6 months gained 70+ pounds.  Replaced Atripla with Truvada and Isentress.  Lost a little, but not much.  Last year, working my Doc, switched to Selzentry, Intellence and Isentress.  Lost about 30 of the 70 gained very quickly, but have stabilized.  Our belief is the nuke class doesn't do well with me.  Agreed a good candidate for Egrifta, as most of my weight is VAT in my abdomen.

Now trying Egrifta, will let you know.....

I'd love to hear how this works out for you, though as someone on ADAP I imagine I have a, um...fat chance of ever getting to try it myself.

I'd also like to know how this works out for you.  Are you at all concerned about the potential for insulin resistance associated with this drug?

I will keep you posted.  Yes, I am concerned about the insulin resistance associated with Egrifta.  Will be monitoring and also seeing an endocrinologist to try and mitigate anything.  When the lipo came back strong, I started seeing an endocrinologist and did an entire battery of tests in an attempt to see if anything else was contributing to the metabolic issues.  All was normal.  A decrease in VAT should help insulin resistance--careful monitoring I think will help.

I consider myself fortunate that my insurance is covering Egrifta 100%.  Thunter, have you checked the assistance programs in place? 

Please let us know if you see any increase in your TCell count while on Egrifta.  If you're still about 400, you may see some improvement based on studies of HGH and TCell increases at the Gladstone Institute. 

I know of one person that went from 300's to 700's after using HGH for six months or so, to combat wasting syndrome.  He was in his early 30's, so that probably was a factor.


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