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We have Trish and Zephyr and seemingly a few others recently coming out in the media about their lives...  THIS REALLY IS HUGE.   It's not just a solitary incident..... it's going on among LOTS of our members now!

Please take pictures and post em of the articles.... yeah, it might be copyright infringment, but for them to make a claim against such a small website, with no commericial gain againt gonna happen imho and if they try, they will be crucified.  (the worst they can do is request Aidsmeds remove the posts)

To all the ladies and men, I salute you.... you are braver than I think I could be at times...

For this thread... let's consolidate all the media goings on in ONE thread.   feel free to create your own and please do so for individual discussion, but also post linkies here... I want you all to have your own thread to talk about you, but have a central place to post these articles... if you don't have the means to, I'll post it if you send me a picture... PM me.

Damn, you all impress me so much.

Andy Velez:
If PBS re-runs the two Nightline programs on the HIV/AIDS epidemic which ran earlier this week, you'll get a chance to catch Peter Staley offering comments several times. Also saw myself with my friend Michael in a big fat closeup on the second evening.

The programs are worth seeing. I could quibble about some points of the coverage but overall it was good to see some serious attention being paid to the subject, including discrediting the denialists and their deadly nonsense.

You might be able to connect to the programs at



You can watch the entire 240 minute program online/ Windows Media & RealPlayer Formats @ the link above.


I thought that was you!!  Seriously, I was watching the show and they showed this couple, close-up, and I said to myself, "I think that's Andy,".  I knew it was entirely possible having seen Peter interviewed and recognizing many of the people from SF (Volberding, Cleve JOnes, Teamer, Reggie Williams, etc).  There were as many people from NYC as SF so why not?  Well, I'm glad to know there is some gray matter still churing in the old kiboodle.  That's always reassuring.


(((((YOU GO GIRLS)))))


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