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I live in California and have Kaiser for my insurance. Long story short...I'm paying 325.00 a month for my medications,( because there non-formulary meds).  I make about 65,000 a year and don't qualify for any assistance. I've already contacted Prezista and my other drug companies. But was told that I make too much money for assistance. Does anyone have any suggestions that I might try? I also went to the local Gay and Lesbian center but was told that they couldn't help me because I had insurance. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I have Kaiser in California as well. Not sure which plan you have, but my partner and I have never been prescribed anything that was not covered. Maybe you could ask your ID Doctor if there is an equivalent drug to what he is prescribing you. You would be surprised at how helpful your Doctor might be. Sometimes as Doctors they may not realize that your particular plan isn't covering a drug he is prescribing.

Hope this helps.

I also live in California and had the same problem. I currently have a Co-Pay Card for Truvada which pays for half the cost and a "Master Card" for Viramune which pays the entire amount. I got both from Mom's Pharmacy which teamed up with Being Alive here in San Diego. I know that there a number of programs similar to that, however you will need to research the other options. Hope that helps some.

Get some co-pay cards -- like this one for Truvada:

There's one for Norvir as well.  These will help defray copays (even with insurance).

Here's one for Prezista:

These programs are limited by income.  The OP appears to be over the limit.   


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