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Received a call from my ID Dr. today. CD4 dropped from 207-92 9% VL undetectable. Histo level went from 8 - 52. She increased my Histo medication 100 mg more x2 so that's 600 mg vs. 400 mg a day. She's trying to get some new medication that is on Trial that isn't FDA approved yet, to see if that will work and if not it's back to the IVs again. We'll know in November. All my other levels were good. So more or less it sucked. It's back to the drawing board.

your undetectable VL wise but your CD4 went from 207 down to 97?

have you tried prezista yet? just approved. First time I have ever been undectectable for more than a month.

Matty the Damned:
Hey Roddles,

It must be all those deadshit WW's we deal with. My numbers suck too. Here's a


coz I don't got anything better than that. :-*




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