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CD4 drops in half??????


Haven't been here in a while and thought I would check in and say hi as well as ask a question.

I understand T cell counts can vary from test to test but was concerned when they fell from 495 to 200 in one fell swoop. The ratio / % is on track and have been told that is the real measuring gage and not to worry. I trust my doctor. Has anyone else out there experienced this????

I have been on meds 1 year as of August 30 2005. Started with 123 CD4 and 3007,000 VL. I am now undetectable and just dropped to 200 CD4.

Was feeling so good and feel now like a small set back? Guess it is all fine and to keep on moving.

Hello to everyone, even if I don't check in regularly you are all in my heart every day. Let me know if you have experienced this, Thanks


i had a drop of over 800 once from about 1640 down to 840.   The following test rebounded to 1527. 

It is not unusual for numbers to bounce around, especially at higher numbers.   I wouldn't put too much weight on a single lab which could have been highly influenced by even a small cold or flu.   Were you sick at all before the test?  tired?  stressed? etc?!?.

Your % is indeed more important though I understand the worries about dropping half.  It is kind of a shocking feeling.   But, stay the course and see on the next lab, likely you will see a similar rebound back to normalish numbers :)

Back in 1999 when I first went on treatment my cd4 count fell within the first week from 272 to 161 but % went from 20 to 28. Another week later cd4 count was up at 618 but % dropped to 19!

I think it was my body just letting me know it didn't like change!

I wouldn't be too concerned if percentage and viral load are stable. See what happens over time rather than this one drop in isolation.

best wishes,



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