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Funny Americans on the bus and train

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On the bus last week there were these two American college-aged girls talking loudly on the bus.  Among some of their more humorous statements...
Girl A- "Oh, like that teacher is soooo hard.  They weren't allowed cheat-sheets during the exam.  Plus it wasn't open-book and you couldn't even use a calculator.  But then again, maybe their math problems weren't as hard as ours.  I mean, maybe they had stuff like 5 x 5 whereas we had stuff like 5 x .5 or something."

Girl B- "oh you are so right.  plus it's been so long since I've used a calculator, that I'm not even sure I know how to use them anymore.  You know like that TI-123, oh man, there are so many numbers on that thing."
Girl A- "US stuff sucks.  Like our cars are a peace of shit."

Girl B- "I know.  Our stuff is so Ghetto.  Like Chevy, who would buy one of those things."

Girl A- "Or even a Ford."

Girl B- "oh, I think those are the same company."

Girl A- "Are you sure?  I thought one of them was a GM."

Girl B- "No, Ford owns both GM and Chevy."

Girl A- "oh yeah, you're right."
I get on the train today and the two American couples get on (again, talking at the top of their lungs....but they were old, so maybe it was a hearing issue).

Loud Lady 1- "Do yall wanna sit this way or that way?"

Loud Lady 1's husband- "I need to sit this way....I like to see where I'm going."

Loud Lady 2- "Oh we like to sit that way too.  Okay, well do you guys want a window seat or an aisle.  Jim likes the window seats on the plane.  He likes to look out."

Loud Lady 1 goes to the toilet.  Her husband puts his (very clean and white) tennis shoes on the seat and says at the top of his voice.  "I'M GONNA PUT MY FOOT ON HER SEAT SO THAT NO ONE TAKES IT.  CAUSE THEY'LL GRAB 'EM IF YOU DON'T WATCH OUT." 

Mind you, everyone but two guys had a seat and there was still other seats available, so those guys clearly didn't want to sit down.

Loud Lady 1 comes back from the toilet, WITH A TOOTHPICK IN HER MOUTH.

Loud Lady 1 then begins to hand out toothpicks to the rest of the party.

Loud Lady 1's husband then begins to lecture them on how fast they were going and that this was a bullet train, (in reality it was just a local train going from one London suburb to another).  This fact becomes readily apparent when a high speed First Great Western train speeds past our slowly-moving local train. 

He then proclaims that the train that just past us was going way too fast and he wouldn't ride it if you paid him.


LOL @ Cliff !

It's shocking how dumb some people are isn't it?   Ever watch Jay Leno's "Jay Walking"?   It's amazing how many grown adults in this country have no clue who is president, or who was the FIRST president....or how many states there are.  Simple facts that we learned in grammar school.

I love that about "too many numbers on the calculator".   But you know what?  I'll bet that same girl knows how to make her cell phone do ANYTHING, can program any feature on it....  now why is that?


At the risk of sounding a bit snobby...,

That's my biggest complaint about the U.S., on average it seems the talking is louder.  If you are in a different country, as soon as you hit a U.S. airport you can hear the difference.  U.S. restaurants are so loud, but say in Brazil...or Europe its much quieter.



What is it about touring Americans that makes them talk so loud? In fact, what is it about tourists that makes them talk so loud? Aussies and Kiwis are as bad. Although I went to Krakow once and a British tourist was trying to ask a policeman where a post-office was. She thought that by saying it louder and louder, he would understand...

"You know, postoffice, a postoffice, you know, postoffice..


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