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Does this sound like HIV????????


extremely worried:
CAN anyone help me  for nearly 3 years i've had a tightness in my throat and under my arms which is always there but can be more or less intense from 1 day to the next, i also have had pain in my left side in my spleen area, does this sound like HIV because i read on globalchange website that HIV is found in large quantities in the throat armpits and spleen during the latent phase, whatever that is?? Anyones advice or help would be appreciated. I going out of my mind.


The only suggestion we can make is to forget about symptoms and get tested if you are more than 3 months past your last risky encounter.

Read the lessons section on this page to find out about risks.

If it is 3 years since your last risk, then go and get tested. everything else is guesswork and does not help!



extremely worried:
I have had SIX negative HIV tests since these symptoms started, but i can't find any other illness or condition that matches these symptoms other than HIV so i am finding the results hard to believe


If you had 6 negative antibody tests (outside the windowperiod) then you are HIV negative. In fact 1 negative HIV antibody test after 3 months is enough.

I am on this board since 2 years and we have seen all possible (and impossible) symptoms despite negative HIV tests. All of them turned out to be negative in the end. Thatīs why we say, symptoms mean nothing and negative antibody tests trumps symptoms all the time.

The mind is a powerful thing, one should never  underestimate the power of it.

If you have ongoing symptoms, go and speak to your doctor. That being said, you can erase HIV as a possible source of this.




There are thousands of other illnesses out there and stress can also cause the symptoms you are having. You have ruled hiv out of the picture - you are hiv negative.

You need to see your doctor to get a diagnosis - you can't be diagnosed by anyone on the internet. See a doctor face to face and stop trying to diagnose yourself.



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