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Confused and scared


Dear all,

Wow what a fantastic site this is. I honestly can't believe how ignorant I was before coming across it - it really worries me and I feel awful about it. I would really appreciate it if one of you could give me some advice, am utterly confused and worried after a trip to my doctor.

Basically over the past 5 years I have tried to be safe in my sex life, although on one occasion a comdon came off during intercourse. Most of the semen was trapped inside it but obviously this is still a cause for concern. On another occasion a south american friend and I had had too much to drink and just got carried away - he didn't ejaculate, but we did have unprotected intercourse. Out of 3 short term relationships, 2 of the guys said they had been tested. I have had unprotected oral sex with a couple of guys (thinking this was safe - I know better now!!). Now none of these people are strangers - I knew them all before. However I am aware (now!) this doesn't mean there is no risk for HIV.

Anyway, so I had a full sti screen 14 weeks post the last exposure (unprotected oral. Most of the above incidents were a while ago). Everything came out negative. Excellent I thought, my partner has never slept with anyone without a condom, we can now discard condoms.
However, the doctor said before I left that this result was not 100% accurate and that I can't be completely sure. He said that there's always a chance. This has scared me senseless - what is the point of having the test if it's only an indicator?? Does this mean that my 2 boyfriends tests are invalid too? Does it mean I am placing my boyfriend at risk every time we have sex?

Sorry if that seems a littlle over the top, I just can't understand the contradictory information. Many thanks all.

Matty the Damned:

When you say you had a full STI screen, I'm presuming that this included an HIV antibody test. Given the sexual encounters you describe and that the test was performed at 14 weeks, you can be confident that you are HIV negative.

Why your doctor thinks otherwise is a mystery to me. Sometime members of the medical professional take an unnecessarily conservative view of the testing window period. 14 weeks is more than sufficient to deliver a conclusive result either way.

As usual I encourage you to read our Welcome Thread to learn about how HIV is and is not transmitted.



Hi matty,

Thanks for that. Yes the screen did include an hiv test.
Is it worth going to get another one just to make sure? Or asking the ex-boyfriends to get themselves checked out?
I'm sorry for bothering you, it just seems like I have been incredibly lucky, I find it difficult to believe I did everything as outlined in my last post and not contracted anything

Your 14 week test was conclusive.


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