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Is there any relevance to the fact that my Uncle is 50 years and is HIV +?  Is there any evidence to suggest the virus is more/less a problem in an older person versus a younger person? 


Matty the Damned:
You know Maestro, I don't really know. I do know that a number of our members here have exceeded the Nifty Fifty mark and seem to be doing rather well.

For old folk. ;)


Hi M

I'm 58, was diagnosed when I was 54..the first 18 months were pretty bad, various things going on, trying to find the right meds etc, etc..but I have no complaints now, no health problems, numbers are  good, and doing really well on my meds..3TC and Ziagen...i don't know if the age thing makes a difference or not to be honest with you, hopefully someone will have the answer for you.

Jan :-*

for older people on arv's, survival rate is the same. In studies - & there aren't too many of those, more please, research people - cd4 increase can be a bit less, but that's balanced with more people acheiving undetectable viral load (possibly cos of better pill-taking commitment)
tolerability/toxicity wise, meds can be a bit more of a problem, with the kidneys, liver etc. Hard for doctors to know, often, what is that person's natural ageing process, vs what is hiv related/caused?

couple of links, might be worth a look:



I don't mean to get personal here, but what kind of care do you take of yourself?  My Uncle takes abosulute horrible care.  Eats like crap, never exercises.  It is encouraging that you are doing so well.  Do you work out?  Healthy diet?

I have tried to tell him that with his age, his numerous health issues, his many, many pills he takes; a healthy diet and some exercise would not be the worst thing to happen to him.  I really think that since he has lived with HIV for 7 years, he has lost respect for what it can do to him.

I understand if you tell me to mind my own business!




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