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o is back...

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it has been a year since i have been away?
even my membership has been deleted, but i am back for the ones who remember me and the ones who are new to here.

salute dear friends.

o has missed some of you. a lot...

Welcome back "o".

Matty the Damned:

Where the fuck have you been girly-boi? I was thinking about you just the other day. I've missed you. :-*

We changed forums software earlier this year, so all of us had to re-register.

MtD aka xdenizen aka Matty
(Who is insanely glad O is back)

hallo Eldon, u r new or just a new cover of an old nick?

and yes matty! it is so nice to see you, it is just like seeing an old face returning home and than u want to just hug and kiss.
but not with that profile pic. as far as i remember u r a very cute guy. will you do that favour?

and what has happened to me... not much, cant even remeber my last test results, here in the netherlands, they dont even test the viral load till u e on Haart, and than they dont check the tcells. the last time they were around 540 or something..

but yes, that doesnt matter that much. life goes on, just finished my relationship, had been crying and now back to the family.

o kisses u ( who is still homesick :-)

Matty the Damned:
I'm sorry to hear about your relationship doll. Never mind, Matty loves ya.

As for my picture, well it's for real. during the software changeover I was transformed into a Vicious Jackal Bitch. ;)



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