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Can mutations disappear?

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Thanks everyone for all the insight. I kinda figured I am screwed.  I have scheduled blood work next week after one month on Atripla so I guess I will know more then.  My last VL was 35k and cd4 of 572 25%.  My worry was that I would blow the viread portion of this combo since it is about the only nrti I have left to use.  Diagnosed in 1986 I did what most people did with single meds as they came available.  I do still have 5 PI's I have never taken and show no resistance too but just nothing to mix it with.  I am only resistant to Viracept and Invirase in the PI catagory.  Although since the genotype showed resistance to the PI's and not the viread I guess that was the only one that was working to keep my VL where is was. 


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