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I am seeing black floaters...

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I am seeing a little black floating speck out of my right eye...and after finding out yesterday I am on of the 80% of adults with a +ve CMV, I looked up on the net about CMV retinitis... call me a WW if you want to, but there is definately something's really, I forgot to mention this yesterday when I at the dr's I will be calling in the morning...

Oh, well, what to do...what to do...

Listen Jeromy,  CMV is nothing to mess with.  Blindness can follow in six weeks to three months, so please don't delay with this one. 

Now, I want to know what your CD4 is right now.  There is very little possibility that the floaters are caused by CMV if your CD4 is well above 200.  Blindness is out of the question at that level.  I have what is called the "Amsler Grid" taped to the inside of my medicine cabinet, and this is one thing you really need if you are already CMV+.  This will tell you if this is just a normal event, or otherwise.

I wouldn't panic just yet, but thankfully, you are doing the right thing in going to see a doctor tomorrow.  Please don't let this one wait for one second; blindness is one thing that most of us are not ready to accept as a side effect of HIV.  I have known far too many people that have suffered with this one, and it almost always was because they got lazy and didn't do anything proactive about it in the very beginning.  Others were in such bad shape with their immune systems that they couldn't fight off the very fast progression of the disease.

Please be careful, and take care of yourself sweetie.

In Love and Support.
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Luckily my CD4 in July is who knows...I just want to have it checked out. It's been annoying me for about a month now...

Gee, Jeromy, we are almost twins.  My CD4 in July was 692, but alas, yesterday the new reading came in at 499.  Oh well, guess we will have to wait a few months and see if it will be in the 700 range again, or if this is a permanent drop.

OH Well!

Does this mean I am Danny Devito and you are Arnold Schwartznager???


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