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Nervous but Excited !

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Well after working the summer pretty much non-stop with all the the glorious tourists and such, its time to get out of the mountains and experience the city again...  I am a bit nervous about the Aids walk and how I will generally feel about being around so many others like me..  Its pretty much been the Will & Eric show up in our mountain home.  My only other exposure is here, but never getting to hug and hold others...  I hope this is an opportunity to feel better being who I am....   I will take some pictures...   Ill miss everyone here while I am on vacation for 5 days!  Hope everyone stays well and gets "weller" while I am gone...

All My Love,

Aids Colorado Walk 2005 ;D ;D

oh you darling :-* ... based on your lovely positive "Eric aura"  ;) and last year's pictures, this sounds right up your alley sweety!!  8) and maybe kyan douglas will be at this year's too, woof! SO GLAD FOR YOU  :-*


Dear Eric,
I can understand why you feel the way you do.
But you'll be fine and you'll have a really great time!

You'll have so much love and support and knowing you, you'll make many new friends


Im gonna miss you so much!!!


Talk to me soon ;)


Aww Eric you'll be fine.  Plus it's an opportunity to become friends with so many other people...friends are always a plus!  I hope you have a great time, don't do anything I wouldn't do  ;)



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