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We went to the hospital Tuesday evening and they removed a large abscess from the back of his buttock.  They sent us home with pain meds and antibiotics.  Last night his fever reached almost 104 so I took him back down there and they did more cutting in that area to remove more infection and admitted him.  They are worried that this infection is getting into his blood.  It is scary.  I am on my way back up there right now after a few hours of sleep to see how he is doing.  Please put out some positive energy his way.  Thanks


Get thy butt back to the Hospital, and we will take care of the enegy thingy...

Sorry to hear this, but as you must know by now, these things come and haunt us, so keep a good outlook, a tough spirit and make sure to pay attention to everything.  He is very fortunate to have you in his life, but don't tell him that!

In Love,

Dear friend,

My thougths are with you in this difficult time.  I wish you the best for you and your loved one.

In Love and Support,

Matty the Damned:

My best wishes go out to you and he at this time. You conservative old shit. ;) :-*



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