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First of all thank you very much for this lovely forum.

My story is like this ;

I am a married man at age of 29. I travel a lot for business purposes. On August 16th, I visited Azerbaycan and at that day I drunk a lot in a bar and did a very stupid thing. I had sex with a prostetude . It was vaginal intercourse. I inserted my penis for 10 minutes. But as I was drunk , I could not ejeculate. (Without protection). I washed my penis area with soup carefully in the morning of the night I had sex.(seven hours after sex)

Just after one day, I went back to my country and had unprotected sex with my wife but did not ejeculate. After this I had protected sex with my wife thinking that I got HIV virus.

On 2nd of September, I realised that my lympth on the left of my neck started to swell. Today (07.09.2006) it became smaller. I checked other parts of my body if there are other lympths that are swelling. I could not found one.

The case is that I am on business trip to some middle east country at the moment. My wife called me 2 days ago that , she has throat aching and feel tired and thinks that she got cold really bad.

My question is that,

Is there a possibility to transmit HIV, just one day after you receive the virus?(I did not ejeculate) Is there possiblity to transmit in this very short time interval with precum?

Sorry for my poor English. But I am worried about my wife. If I transmitted or not. I know that even for me it is very hard to guess if I got HIV but think as if I got HIV virus , is it possible for me to transmit the virus to my wife after one day I receive the virus without ejeculation?

Thanks in advance and BR


It is unlikely that you would transmit the virus so quickly if you were in fact infected during your unprotected encounter with a sex worker.

You have had a risk and you do need to test. Please keep in mind that hiv is a fragile, difficult to transmit virus and more so from a woman to a man, so the odds are heavily in your favour of testing negative.

As the vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks, you can test at six weeks for a very good indication of your status. However, a negative result at this time MUST be confirmed at the 12-13 week point.

Symptoms or the lack of symptoms means nothing when it comes to hiv infection. Only hiv antibody testing will reveal your hiv status. Keep your hands off your glands because constantly touching them to see if they're swollen will MAKE them swell and keep them swollen. Nothing you report from either you or your wife points to hiv.

For further testing and transmission information, please read through the Welcome Thread and follow the Lessons links found there.

You do need to test, but you have a very good chance of coming out of this hiv negative.


Thank you so much for your respond.

Actually I do not wonder so much for my case. Of course I wonder but I wonder more for my wife.
Can you kindly give a comment conserning the below question ;

My question is that,

Is there a possibility to transmit HIV, just one day after you receive the virus?(I did not ejeculate) Is there possiblity to transmit in this very short time interval with precum?

Thanks in advance and BR

Andy Velez:
I refer you back to Ann's answer since you're essentially asking the same question again.

Yes, there was a risk. But HIV is not an easy virus to transmit. It's significantly harder to accomplish from female to male. So the odds are in your favor against it occuring in this single incident. But low risk is not the same as no risk so you do need to get tested. You should do that at 13 weeks after the most recent unprotected incident.

Neither your symptoms nor your wife's can be taken as indications of your HIV status. There is nothing about those symptoms which is in anyway HIV-specific. Only a test result can give you the answer you need.

In the meantime until you hopefully test negative you should be using a condom when you have intercourse with your wife. If your symptoms persist you should discuss them with a doctor.

Good luck with your test.


Sorry to bother you with the same question.
Thank you so much for your help.

It seems there is nothing to do except to be tested.

When I return back to my country I am planning to get tested. Actually only 25 days will be passed over possible exposure.
I will for sure will be tested after 13 weeks also but I think 25 days can be also a choice just to recover from this worry a small bit.

What about the viral load. As far as I undertood viral load is the number of HIV cells loacated in an amount of blood.
And as far as I understood if the viral load is higher , the possibility to transfer the disease to others is higher per sexual contact.
Is the viral load gets its highest value in the body just after one or two days after the exposure?

Thanks in advance and BR

Does sexual friction in vaginal sex irritates the penis in a way that we can receive hiv from these irritated places on the skin?



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