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It's dawn. my cat is beautiful..


It's dawn, a blue-gey dawn (like this forum, but changing...) and the sun is struggling through the mist, yes, sweet, light sea mist, same colour sky as the sea, all about to change. My Bengal cat is beautiful..and has just bought me a chewed pidgeon...not so b/ful now... And now the sun is red over the sea, like a big gold-foiled mint. & I "forgot" to take my Norvir today, oh well, I wrote a sonnet about a boy with serious brown eyes, who, realisitically, I will decline to have sex with, even though he's keen... which is more important : sonnet OR Norivr?

- matt

Now playing - Echo and the Bunnymen: the Killing Moonn (my tune, how I wish..)

Hi Matt,
    That was great.  Um can I have the keen boy?

newt, we have these pretty new forums for you to post pictures in  (so let us see her)... I think i've seen a link to you kitty before and thought she had amazing colors... cats are good for something... I hate birds too.  Always chirping and one pooped on an attendee of amg2005 in a courtyard.. but she will remain anonymous to protect her identity... I flicked it off with a deft hand moment.. which I'm expert at :P   some of you may remember the POOP incident.

EDIT:  I have to agree with you, the default font should be more like yours... please pm the mods on this to pass on to the admins.... seeing them together makes it a simple choice.. that font is just easier to read.

The Killing Moon by Echo & The Bunnymen is one of my favorite songs . I listen to the album Ocean Rain quite often.

Now go take your Norvir. & post a photo of your beautiful kitty cat .



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