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I was on here a while back and got some good replies from the admins/experts.  All of whom saying I have had no risk.  If anyone wants to reply I would really appreciate it in easing my mind.  May sound crazy but I am not trying to insult anyone by any means.

My story is the basketball game where after I noticed the player bleeding and then noticed three small blotches of blood on my hands (intact skin so no risk there) from his wound.  The cut was not big by any stretch of the imagination so it was not gushing.  I was not convinced that it could have by chance gotten in my eyes thus infecting me.  I cannot stop thinking about it and am seeking mental help.  I have been sick literally ever since combined with depression and a sore throat (always clearing it since it got sore 8 days after I saw the blood).  Is anxiety creating this in your honest opinion?     

I appreciate you patience and the help you give to others.

You have been told numerous times that there is no risk is what you describe. The anwers are not going to change. No one is going to say "Well, not that I think about it, there is a risk". It just won't happen.

You need to work with your doctor about your anxiety, life's to short to live in constant fear about the ridiculous.

thanks lesson learned.  I feel so badly that I make my head hurt/throat hurt and I must seek the proper attention.  Ann please do not ban me this helps me in my process of getting over it.

Matty the Damned:
The basketball story? For real? This comes up every few months. It's like some sick internet meme. It was doing the rounds of the old Fears forum back when I joined AIDSMEDS.

The basketball story is, of course, bullshit.


why would I lie about it?  Or are you just saying its too far out there.   Its definitely real.  I pretty much realize that I have irrational fears but the sickness it has had upon me is really real.  I will seek a counselor.


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