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Have any of the med co-pay assistance programs been extended?

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Just wondering if anyone has news as to any co-pay programs that ether expired or have expired, that have since been re extended? Sometimes they extend these programs and don't get the word out. Im speaking of programs for people with insurance, but using a card that pays part or all of the insurance co-pay, from the company the makes the drug(s). There use to be several good programs out there for sustiva and other common types of meds, but the ones I used or was aware of have all expired as of late 2010 - 2011. Really too bad...

i spoke with a rep for the atripla program and got signed up for the first time, she said they anticipate extending it when it expires, don't know if that applies to those currently enrolled

The  Isentress assistance program is still ongoing. I think it continues until August.

I hope it is extended. It saves me nearly $200 a month.




Here's a lot of info along with telephone numbers, that may help in getting answers


Thanks Ray!


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