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Dear Jena,

On behalf of all of us single folks who still have hope in our hearts that someday we might meet the 'right one', I wish you the best of luck!!!


Alan   :-* :-*


I think I can understand how nervous you must be at the prospect of meeting your online friend in person. You have such a nice long distance relationship right now, maybe you're afraid of jeopardizing something nice that you already have. Three months of almost daily conversations seems like a good start to getting to know someone, and I hope you'll take the plunge and go through with this meeting.

My nephew has just invited me to his wedding in October. He met his fiancee on the internet. I haven't met her yet (they live in NY and I live in California), but my nephew has never been happier.

By way, I found Iggy's comment intriguing--about being able to tell something about a guy from Brooklyn based on the neighborhood he's from. I'm from Brooklyn and grew up in Bensonhurst (went to Lafayette High School). Dare I ask what that says about me....

(Formerly oaklandpoz)

Hi Jena,
Are you being crazy? No. But I do think you should be cautious.  If I were in your place, I would have him stay at a nearby hotel, I would meet for the first few times on neutral ground with friends or family with you, or sitting near you in a restaurant. If he is "the one", he will respect what your wishes are.

You have kids to protect, so make sure he is a good person before bringing him into your home. I am probably over cautious, but I have had my share of bad boyfriends, and would approach things more reserved now, than I did when I was younger.

I have a friend who met someone over the internet, and they are getting married in September.  It can be a wonderful thing, but be safe about it, and at this point in your life, don't settle for anything less than what you deserve and want.

Wow Jena, such good advice on here from everyone!

I like the "laying the ground rules and sticking with them" option.  If he's "the one" then he should be willing to respect your limits, especially this early in your relationship.

Coffee shops  & restaurants are always good (public) bets for dipping your foot into the water. 

When all is said and done, don't look back with regret over opportunities you didn't grab because of fear.

Hi, dear Jena...

About all I can add here is just be the smart, together gal you are, and stay very centered!

I am happy this opportunity has arrived in your life, you deserve all the happiness, darlin'.

Please keep us posted on these unfolding events........and, enjoy yourself, babe.




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