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ADAP changing it's income requirements starting Feb 1, 2011

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Miss Philicia:
I wonder how much "cost containment" this stuff actually contains.  I think I read that when New Jersey altered their income cap it shifted, at most, 300 people off of ADAP.  And states that make these infamous six month paperwork renewals to kick off people surely must have to then pay for case workers to run around doing extra stuff to get the patient back on.  fyi our income % is only 350% so that's just $2000 more than what Florida has switched to.  According to this link the cost of living in Miami, which I assume is more expensive than the rest of FL, is lower than what it is in Philadelphia so basically you're still getting a better bargain even with this current ADAP change (and Atlanta really needs to simmer down).

I remember back in the day when I first went on ADAP in New York I never once had to do even a yearly renewal -- from 2001 until I moved five years later I never filled out another forum.  I think that's changed there but I don't know.  I renew in PA once a year but it's a very easy process.

In OH after the initial intake, an in-person interview of about 20 mins, with the family services agency running the Ryan White stuff (no ASO in my area), they mailed me a renewal form and I signed it and sent it back once a year. It was waaay easier than the hoops for human services/food stamps that happened once a year. (I mean did they really need to photocopy my bc, ss card, and dl every single year.  ::) LOL )

as a tangent to this thought, in OH welfare and food stamps were handled by the same case mgr with one form; here in SC it takes two forms and two case mgrs located in two seperate office bldgs to accomplish the same thing

i remember when greg (and others) started telling us about the 6-mo renewals, and thinking what a waste! It's sad to think how many people might have better access to meds thru FL ADAP if renewals were only once a yr

I wouldn't praise Ohio too greatly.  With over 300 people waiting, it could take years for assistance.


--- Quote from: wolfter on December 31, 2010, 05:38:07 PM ---I wouldn't praise Ohio too greatly.  With over 300 people waiting, it could take years for assistance.

--- End quote ---
but you can get food stamps within 3 hrs, and a welfare check by the start of the next month if you're in need -
all with one application. ;D

Now ADAP, that's another story. ::)
Of course, I guess I should had disclosed that I signed up for RW in the mid 90s and kept renewing with a  mail-in form until 2008 ;)

Yeah, here in Florida you renew eligibility every 6 months.   My appointment in December was missed but luckily they called and left me a voicemail the day before my appt stating they had to reschedule it anyway.   I didn't hear the voicemail until about 2 weeks after the appointment date had passed.   So I probably lucked out on this one, with all the ways they are trying to boot people off.   I will certainly never miss an appointment from now on.   

Also, I did read a few months back about the fact if you are late picking up your pills you could be subject to being kicked off the rolls.

Funny how all this "tightening up" is coming since the Obama Administration took over.   And Bush was being bashed all this time about his indifference to HIV and AIDS.


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