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ADAP changing it's income requirements starting Feb 1, 2011

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--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on January 01, 2011, 02:17:33 PM ---You need to use your head and figure out why things work with ADAP in many other states. 

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you see Scott, ADAP is state-administered. It's quite clear to see that the states having ADAP "issues" have decidedly more "conservative" (ie Republican) state legislators which have been reducing (or out and out slashing) funding across the board and in particular to things like ADAP and HIV prevention/education programs. Of course, once a state government underfunds the ADAP program one year then the federal government has to reduce it's matching funds the following year.

In my state, our legislators, despite rallies, phone calls, emails, letters, etc, chose to fund golf tournaments and beauty pageants and underfund ADAP (hell, they wanted to cut the entire ADAP budget, and all HIV prevention funds out altogether), so now even though the amount of HIV infections are rising and we have a waiting list that's growing monthly not only is there not enough money this FY2010 but in FY2011 (which doesn't even start until April) we're already out over 1/2 of what the federal gov't used to provide thanks to the short-sightedness of our legislators.

and heaven help us but even more Republican/Tea Party candidates were elected this last go-round and will shortly be sworn into office. ::) The SC HIV/AIDS Task Force had a Harvard-produced report commissioned that we will be presenting to these new legislators in person, with an accompanying rally, on Feb 9th, that breaks down the HIV/AIDS problems in the state and the best financial solutions. I think though that it's going to be hard to change the attitudes of those with closed-minds here in the Bible Belt, especially when the "big" HIV news out this year can easily be misconstrued, by those who don't care in the first place, into believing that a cure has been found and that there is a med that prevents transmission. I would like to hope that common sense wins out but somehow I think our funding problems for FY2011 are only the tip of the problem that'll be coming along in FY2012.

however, I will say that I still think this problem does spill over into the national scene and should cause concern on all of us to help find solutions. As these fund-cutting states ignore the HIV situation and the rising rates of infection (just look what is happening in DC itself) within their borders, these states will become hot-pockets of a resurgence in the epidemic spilling over into the other states in America.

--- Quote from: scottL on January 01, 2011, 01:33:35 PM ---And Bush was being bashed all this time about his indifference to HIV and AIDS.

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Although I have other reasons to dislike the former president, that is not correct. Even though there was criticism of the abstience education portion of the program, actually Bush was highly praised for PEPFAR
"called the largest health initiative ever initiated by one country to address a disease."'s_Emergency_Plan_for_AIDS_Relief
"a global AIDS program that has proven to be one of the Bush administration's most successful and popular foreign policy initiatives",2933,333053,00.html

Will this change in FPL from 400 down to 300percent be the way they are disenrolling 350 people i wonder? I'm really worried i've been seeing articles all over the internet about Florida disenrolling 350 people already enrolled in ADAP in February. I'm hoping this FPL change is the way they are doing it b/c i'm still below the 300 percent threshold.

Interesting thing ....last year when they implemented the wait list here in florida the flyer they handed out to us when we picked up our meds said they were implementing the waiting list to "protect" those already enrolled in ADAP. .....So much for that!!


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