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ADAP changing it's income requirements starting Feb 1, 2011

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Not sure if it's nationwide, but here in Florida I just saw a poster at the local ADAP center and it says it's changing from 400 % down to 300 %.

I was trying to find out the actual federal poverty level and it appears to be $10,830 or $32,490 for 300 % and a 1 person household.

I got the data from here:

Can anyone give an exact number for the requirement for 300 %?   

Ok, I found a good article on this and it does appear the change is from $ 43,320 down to $32,490 for a 1 person household.

It's got good info about patient assistance programs that should get you covered if you make too much money to qualify for ADAP any longer.

Miss Philicia:
This is state level change for Florida, not anything that applies elsewhere (necessarily).  Income thresholds are always state level.


--- Quote from: scottL on December 31, 2010, 01:29:03 PM ---Can anyone give an exact number for the requirement for 300 %?   

--- End quote ---
$32,490 is the exact amount for 300% FPL
here's a decent chart of FPL% (that is used to determine SC sliding fees)

and yes, that is the change for just Florida ADAP.
South Carolina's ADAP (and others) has already been at 300% for a long time.

according to the latest ADAP Watch Update (from Dec 10, 2010):
Arkansas lowered financial eligibility to 200% FPL  
North Dakota lowered financial eligibility to 300% F
Ohio lowered financial eligibility to 300% FPL
South Carolina lowered financial eligibility to 300% FPL
Utah lowered financial eligibility to 250% FPL

and some cost-containment measures that might be used by Mar 30, 2011 include:
Illinois lower financial eligibility to 350% FPL
Mississippi lower financial eligibility to 200% FPL
New Jersey institute policy that clients between 300% and 500% FPL will only receive antiretrovirals and opportunistic infection medications

by the way the ADAP Watch Update is published twice a month by NASTAD and lists cost-containment changes and current Wait List numbers

As far as I know, Georgia has always been around the 300% mark.  There's always been about a 30k cap on what you can make.  

The shit is really beginning to hit the fan with ADAP around here, though.  False moves on a patient's part will get them booted off the rolls and onto the infamous waiting list.  Failing to make doctor's appointments, pick up prescriptions and renew the paperwork on time every six months - all will get you on the waiting list.  The thing is...they've also done away with the so-called Grady Cards that were also used to write down appointments, keep your client numbers and other such info.  Now, they just verbally tell you something and it is up to you to write it down and be sure not to miss it - or else.

While this isn't overly challenging to me, I can see that it would be for many of the people receiving services, as a lot of them have transportation, literacy or cognitive issues.  It just makes it an awful lot easier to pitfall now.


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