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I am a bit confused about "generations" of antibody tests.  I understand that the 4th generation are the most modern>  Do all testing centers use these types of tests?  What "generation" technology is used by the rapid/Orasure tests?  Does anyone know where a person can get a 4th generation test in the Southern California area?

Thank you.

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Rapid -
My previous thread was locked due to the moderators not wanting a debate over the validity of the Massachusetts 6 week window.  Had I been able to post this question there I would have! 

Andy Velez:
The recommended testing point by the CDC of 13 weeks makes the generation of a test irrelevant. At that point all generations of tests currently in use will yield a reliable result.

So if you have had what you consider a risky incident get tested at 13 weeks.

If for your own personal reasons you want a particular test then call any ASO organization in your area and they should be able to direct you to the appropriate testing site.



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