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PLS help me, my son bite the stranger and it is bleeding !!



I am sorry If I do some thing wrong, since this is a new risk far different from mine...This is the case of my son,, he is 9 months old only and he is growing teeths...He likes biting everything he touchs

HE is very excited about this world, people,.. And last week, when I was busy with my work, left he playing with the people in the park... A stranger came and may be that man loves my son too, my wife allowed that man to hug my son, but my son suddently bit him very very...severely.....that bite was on the wound of that man, and it was bleeding...I saw some drops of blood on the hand,,,, my son may be swallowed all blood, I think so...Because my son gave that man a deep bite right on the healing wound..SO, it is easy to bleed!

My question is : If that man is Poz, Is there any risk from bitting him bleeding ? Does Saliva in my sons' mouth kill HIV ? my son is just 9 months old, I am afraid that he is not strong enough to kill HIV in his mouth ?

PLS answer me....I m scared to death....


Matty the Damned:

Please don't start multiple threads. You should place all your questions and comments in your original thread. If you're having trouble finding your original thread, click the button marked "Show own posts" in the box to your left.

It's in our Welcome Thread.


Andy Velez:
I am locking this thread since the question has been responded to in your previous thread. Please keep your entries in your original thread.


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