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Swedish vaccin


Has anyone else heard anything about the vaccin The Karolinska Institute has developed?  If you read French...I tried to translate it with Yahoo, but the final result is mediocre!


Here goes the article I found today.


I have it in Spanish...It Showed an effectiveness of 90%

This has nothing to do with the vaccine but for future purposes, there is a free site, that provides a decent, though rough, translation of many languages to english with a simple cut and paste.

The Spanish article is below:

A vaccine against the HIV obtains an immune answer in the 90 percent of subjects

Investigators of the Institute Karolinska and of the Swedish Institute for the Control of Infectious Illnesses, in Stockholm (Sweden), they have obtained good results with a genetic vaccine against the HIV that employs parts of the viral DNA to stimulate the fast endogenous production of proteins that codify for the DNA injected. 

The results of this trial, coordinated by Britta Wahren, they have been presented in the International Conference on Vaccines against the HIV, celebrated in Amsterdam. 

Promoting The participants in the study were they vaccinate in three occasions.  To promote the effect of this immunization also them they were administered four dose of a vaccine in which the parts of the viral DNA had been integrated in another virus.  This second vaccinates, that utilizes the virus of the chicken pox as vector, has been designed for the National Institute of Health U.S. and yielded for its use in the swedish trial. 

"Our vaccine has been designed in such a way that is capable of protecting of most of the types of circulating HIV in Africa and in the countries industrialized.  The data of efficacy that have obtained are the better than they have been observed up to now in trials with vaccines and al except the 90 percent of the participants they have developed an immune answer with excellent tolerance", has explained Wahren. 

The investigators expect to prolong the phase I of the study and to begin the phase II in Tanzania to confirm the data obtained in Sweden.  Besides, they anticipate to set in motion the first trial with healthy people to analyze the security of the vaccine and the advantages of the different methods of administration. 


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