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Just a question if any of you has any update on that compound called CSA54 that was discovered by Dr Paul Savage claiming it could be a cure for HIV?

Not even Dr savage said it would be a cure. It could lead to a new family of medication to control the infection.


Lots of information on this at the above link.  This is a small molecule substance that has proven very potent at killing HIV even at levels well below what would be considered toxic to humans.  Thusfar, the only reported testing of this substance has been test tube studies of the impact of CSA54 on human epithelial cells.  Trials are ongoing.  What is really exciting about this substance is not that it is a cure (blondbeauty is correct that no one really claims that though some headlines have suggested it may be)  but that it attacks the virus membrane and, if safe, would kill multiple strains of HIV with resistance issues.   Keep your fingers crossed.


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