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December 2010 ADAP Waiting Lists


ADAPs with Waiting Lists
(4,543 individuals in 9 states*, as of December 9, 2010)
(changes from December 2, 2010 noted in parens (+174))

Arkansas: 5 individuals (+5)
Florida: 2,396 individuals  (+85)
Georgia: 837 individuals  (+9)
Louisiana: 511 individuals**  (+34)
Montana: 14 individuals  (0)
North Carolina: 84 individuals (+6)
Ohio: 374 individuals (+11)
Rhode Island: 0 individuals  (-16)
South Carolina: 298 individuals (+29)
Virginia: 24 individuals  (+9)

While Rhode Island cleared their waiting list of 16 people this last week, Arkansas started up a waiting list with their first 5 people. Sadly Florida continues to average adding approx 75 or more people a week to their list - which now holds 52.7% of all people on the waiting lists throughout the entire nation.
ADAP Dec 10th Watch List
**Louisiana has a capped enrollment on their program.  This number is a representation of their current unmet need.

--- Quote ---Washington, DC In a significant victory for people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States, the U.S. House of Representatives has approved an additional $60 million for the financially struggling AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) in fiscal year 2011.
The AIDS Institute now calls on the U.S. Senate in the remaining days of the lame-duck session to increase ADAP funding by at least $60 million in its must pass FY11 spending bill, and forward it to the President for his immediate signature.
--- End quote ---
If you have a few moments, please contact your Senators ASAP and ask that they pass the FY2011 spending bill with is $60 million increase in ADAP funding to help make sure that other positive people in America have the opportunity and access to medication. Help give someone quite literally the gift of life this Christmas.

It's easy to reach your Senators by email:
1) click this link
2) Pick your state from the box that says "Find your Senators"
3) click the GO button
4) click the link titled "webform" to use their email contact form
5) use this sample post or write your own message
"I respectively ask that you pass the FY2011 spending bill with it's included $60 million increase in ADAP funding to help make sure that HIV positive people in America have the opportunity and access to medication. Every HIV positive person that is able to remain properly treated saves dollars not only in the cost of emergency care if they do not have access to medications; but in job man-hours lost and in lost revenue for time they are sick due to lack of medication. The cost of funding ADAP is financially cheaper than paying to care for sick and dying America citizens - not to mention that giving proper access to those medications will actually save lives. Thank you for your time and consideration in this very important matter."

--- Quote ---As of December 2, 2010, there were 4,369 individuals in 9 states on ADAP waiting lists. In Florida alone, there are 2,311 individuals, or over half of all people on waiting lists. Several states are reducing their eligibility for their ADAP and in the process, actually disenrolling people from the program who are currently taking lifesaving medications. Florida has proposed to disenroll over 337 people from its ADAP early next year.
--- End quote ---
Ouch! Florida has a truly ugly late Christmas present planned for some of it's citizens - kicking 337 OFF it's ADAP roles.


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