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KY Clears ADAP Waiting List & U.S. House Approves $60 Million



And, I just had to post this picture of the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center's huge jumbo-tron billboard that sits right on I-65 and is seen by tens of thousands each day.  It was nice to see something other than a McDonald's ad.   


--- Quote from: tednlou2 on December 12, 2010, 11:50:27 PM ---It was nice to see something other than a McDonald's ad.   
--- End quote ---
yes, i like papa john's better than mickey D's too. :D

on a serious note though, let's hope the senate approves the ADAP $$ too

--- Quote ---“While this additional money will help states such as Florida with severe ADAP funding problems it is far from enough to keep up with the demand for ADAP medications,” stated Michael Ruppal, Executive Director of The AIDS Institute.  “What is worse is that other parts of the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program, the parts that provide health care and support services to people with HIV/AIDS, will not receive any increases in funding next year.   

The AIDS Institute now calls on the U.S. Senate in the remaining days of the lame-duck session to increase ADAP funding by at least $60 million in its must pass FY11 spending bill, and forward it to the President for his immediate signature.
--- End quote ---

The $60 mil is a Band-Aid. But I wildy applaud it, maybe with enough Band-Aids we will someday stem the ADAP issue.

Wonderful news in KY!

and I LOVE the Jumbo tron message!


I saw the sign the other day also and sorry to say I don't like it.  There is something that bothers me about making a statement regarding any disease/virus that quite possibly won't happen.  And does it lead someone to think that "Oh yeah, i can do whatever  I want, because in 4 years everything will be fine."  Every generation will have AIDS to deal with until HIV is extracted from all those infected or we all die.  But good news on the other info.  Hopefully the Senate will follow the House's lead.


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