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sad days:
Hi there,

I would like to get some feedback.  I posted on the old forum about 4 or 5 months ago, so I hope I'm doing this right.  Anyway,  I had unprotected vaginal with a prostitute in mid November of '05.  I tried to have safe sex, but the condom failed during the last couple minutes of the deed.  I never remember having any kind of illness or symptoms.  It was during the holidays, so I would have remebered being sick.  However, in mid March, almost 4 months later to the day, I got pretty ill.  Not with flu-like symptoms, but with hot patches on my skin, particularly on my face and back.  I was very thirsty and somewhat dizzy.  I did not have any fever nor headaches.  I had absolutely no appetite for 2 weeks and could not defacate.  (Not a constipated feeling, just had no need to crap).  When I did go, it was not diarreah.  I lot about 10 lbs.  The second all this started, I was sure I had HIV, which shot my anxiety through the roof.  I had already been stressed about other STD's up until this point, although I have no symptoms of those either.  So on March 21st I had a full STD panel drawn including HIV 1&2.  The results were obviously NEGATIVE for everything.  This was just over 18 weeks past possible exposure.  I went through all kinds of things, like stiff neck, numbness is limbs, etc. but never have felt any swollen lymph nodes or fever of any kind.  I did have 2 nights of drenching night sweats in early April, but none since then.  Over the last several months, I have still been plagued by the hot skin condition, although it has subsided greatly, and is on and off.  I have however developed a white coated tongue which has been with me since about month 6.  I have also developed eye floaters.  Don't know whether I had them before, and am just seeing them because I'm looking.  Just to let you all know, I have been tested 7 times.  Two of which were blood drawn to cover both HIV 1&2 and the other 5 were OraQuick finger prick method.  The last test was at about 9 months and a week past possible exposure (NEGATIVE).  Is anxiety getting the best of me, or should I be concerned about very late seroconversion.  I want to end this fear.  Would I be one for the record books, and has there been any documentation of anyone changing to positive after this long in the recent past?  By the way, I'm not on any medication. 

Matty the Damned:

No, you're not one for the record books and your test results are reliable. Please read our Welcome Thread to learn more about how HIV is and is not transmitted.


Andy Velez:
Sad, you are not one for the books. What you are is HIV negative. Period. End of that particularl story.

Your risk was minimal to begin with as you would have been protected until the condom failed. HIV is not easy to transmit. Yours was a very brief risk. And that doesn't matter, (nor do all of your symptoms from whatever unknown cause), because you have reliably tested negative for the virus.

Whatever is causing your symptoms, some of which seem to be lingering, is for your to discuss with your doctor. They have nothing to do with HIV. Period.

Good luck with getting that sorted out. This is not an HIV situation.



sad days:
Hi Guys,
Thanks for the quick responses!  I know logically there's just no way I'm infected.  Anxiety is a powerful monster.  I think what bothers me the most is the white coated tongue.  It seems to be such a huge common denominator of all us WW's, even for those who really had no risk at all.  I know you truly believe I am not infected, but I guess I'd really like your input on the timing of my symptoms.  It seems that 4 months down the road would be way past the norm for ARS.  Is that true, or can that be the case?  Also, the nurses (3 different ones) where I've been taking my tests have stated that they've never known anyone to turn positive after testing negative at 3 - 4 months.  What's your experience with that? Thanks for the help!

Your four mouth symptoms have nothing to do with ARS. You tested negative. No I have never seen anyone get a positive result after 3 months.


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