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A Bum-Fuck day in New York

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Well it rained hard for the second straight early evening in New York and our subways stations and tunnels, at least the ones from Manhattan to Queens flooded, for a change.  It was fine going from my job in Brooklyn through Manhattan but there was no service to Queens except on the primarily elevated # 7 train, made famous and really useful for me only to get to Shea Stadium...But there was no service downstairs to my neighborhood and so I had to catch a bus to Queens Blvd and from there ideally a bus home...Naturally there were no buses and the one or two that went by were jammed, people bundled like sardines so I made the approximately one and one half mile walk home in a cool, steady rain...My shoes and socks were drenched by the time I got home, thank goodness at least I had an umbrella, it will be a miracle if I don't get pneumonia...OY...I need some Jewish penicillin (chicken soup) but who has the energy, I couldn't eat a thing, I just thank a higher power I'm home safe and sound and in one piece already.

Jody  :'(

Awww Jody...sorry to hear about your commute home.

Get out of those wet clothes and relax, you deserve it!

Hope your weekend is brighter!  :)

Oh you poor thing Jody..what a miserable day, get some of that chicken soup down you and keep warm..I don't want you getting sick.

(((Warm hugs)))

Jan :-*

Yesterday Sucked just as bad. It poored on me by Penn station. What crap.



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