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stem cell research is our way to a cure??


ive been reading the latest news everyday on stem cell research and it looks like this will be the way to get the virus under control and out of our bodies! theres a rumor going around in the hiv news that a pill that you can buy from germany which would cost us close to $1000.00 dollars for it is the cure to the infection? ive done some research on german science and they are way ahead of the game infact ive seen and noticed that as soon as a company finds the correct cure there stocks will break many records for others wanting it! the cure is going to make someone very rich and all of us better!!!! ;D :D ;D :D ;D 8)

I definitely subscribe to the optimistic and, hopefully, realistic view that with all the exciting new treatments presently being researched, there will be a cure or at least a definitive treatment within our lifetime.

Having said that, I would suggest that the results of your internet searches sound dubious to me and it would be better if you cited sources or, at least, provided links before posting information like this.

Boston is right,  please be more precise Lovelife


I think you are refering to Dr Rath? he is now in court for Fraud!!! His pills can't cure him even ;)

Pill king on German fraud rap
23/07/2006 22:43  - (SA)   

Cape Town - Controversial doctor Matthias Rath, the German who says his vitamin pills can cure HIV/Aids and who encourages South Africans not to use antiretroviral drugs, has appeared in a Hamburg court on a charge of fraud.

He is being held responsible for the death of a nine-year-old boy who had osteosarcoma.

The British Medical Journal reported on its website that Rath allegedly convinced the boy's parents to use his vitamin pills, rather than follow conventional medical routes.

Dominik Feld's parents stopped his chemotherapy early in 2004 and chose to give him Rath's vitamin pills.

Dominik died in November 2004.

Sipho Mthathi of South African Aids activist group, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), said they hoped the court case in Germany would encourage South Africans, influenced into using Rath's alternative medicines rather than tested antiretroviral drugs, to institute legal action, as well.

Government sending 'wrong message'

Mthathi said: "I think the reason why family of people who have HIV/Aids in South Africa haven't taken legal action against Rath is because there's so much confusion in South Africa about drugs available for treating Aids.

"The message the government sends by supporting Rath's pills in the struggle to eradicate Aids also tells South Africans they can use them."

TAC instituted legal action against Rath last year, trying to stop him from saying his vitamin pills were more effective than antiretroviral drugs for people with Aids. The case is continuing.

The department of health's PRO, Charity Bhengu, said the department had no comment about the court case and had nothing to do with the case in Germany.

Lovelife, I am sorry about your recent diagnosis. I understand you initial desperation is driving you crazy to find any news about a cure. But you must not believe all the scams on the internet. Trust your Dr. an the people from this site. Some of them with HIV for more than 20 years. If there was a cure, your Dr. or the people in these forums would´t hide it form you.
There is now cure today.
I am sure there will be a cure someday and I hope we can all see it in our lifetime. But it has not happened yet.


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