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Received a letter from SS this morning approving my claim for SSDI. I'm in shock.  :)

Jeff G:
Congratulations ... I know its a sobering moment when you are approved but congratulations all the same .

I remember when I was approved . Some people I know had a tough time but I was approved the first time over the phone .   

Miss Philicia:
You should feel relieved -- just curious what state you did your application in.  I too (while in NY) was approved the first time and IIRC within four months of filing.  That was 8 years ago, and like you right before Christmas which made it kind of extra nice.

JR Gabbard:
Congratulations!  That should take some of the pressure off!

I'm getting my head around it right now. It's hard to believe that it's over, and I can finally choose a direction in my life after almost 18 months of not knowing. I'm not sure what that direction will be...but I don't have to worry anymore. 2 letters of denial and a letter from my attorneys office to SS asking for a Decision Based on the Records.


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