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The situation is like this.

I am a male and received oral sex from a girl. For the oral sex part i know i should be safe. However there's another thing i need to confirm to be safe. I fingered the girl at her vagina area and definately my hands got wet from her fluids, after roughly 20-30 seconds i use the same hand to rub my penis with the skin pulled down. Meaning leaving the entire danger part to be exposed and touch with the fluid, however the fluid have been 20-30 mix with the surrounding. Am i in any danger if the girl is HIV positive?

Please enlightened me. Another thing is that she sucks on my nipple, is there any risk at all, please clear my doubts thanks !!

No risk what so ever. Please take the time to read the "Welcome" thread...

Thanks for the prompt reply. I read the welcome post and it says that vagina sex would give us a chance of contracting HIV+. Therefore i was afraid. My hand is stained with the liquid of the woman vaginal liquid and i touched my penis which is fully exposed with the skin rolled down with the same liquid. I just need somse assurance as i am very worried. I am sorry to re-ask but if you could explain to me more clearly, i would really cool  down and thank you. sigh i guess this is part of the "guilt" i am facing. Please help me ! Thanks

It's simple, HIV does not stay active outside the body and you didn't have vaginal or anal sex with her.

Sorry i am not trying to challenge the answer but i am confused. I go to any other forums and websites to check on the fact on whether hiv is able to live outisde.

"HIV is very fragile. If outside the body in a dry form, it dies immediately. Even when in a wet form, it can live for a 15-20 minutes. "

This shows that it is in wet form when it come in contact with me. Being a worried me, i need a counter answer for this. Please help. I know i am a bother but i guess i am real worried.



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