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Erie, PA assistance with ADAP/Ryan White Program


Is there an agency in Erie, PA that does HIV care using the Ryan White program.  We are moving to Erie and need some guidance on where to go. 

Can anyone elaborate on the healthcare available for persons who are HIV+ in the state of PA.  Do they cover dental services of some sort also.  Does the Ryan White program also cover primary care, in  most states it does.

Hey sanjuan -
I'm originally from Erie - born and raised there, but have lived in South Florida for 12 years.  The agency in Erie that handles this is Community Health Net -

Enjoy Erie - nice community - feel free to PM me if you need more information on the community - most of my extended family still lives there.


Miss Philicia:
Hi, sanjuanboy.  I live in Philadelphia and have done so now for six years.  At least in this city I find the HIV care really excellent in terms of services.  Yes, Ryan White covers dental services but only at certain locations.  I receive great care at the University of Pennsylvania.  As far as primary HIV services I am on Medicare, but I also know that the HIV clinic I go to which is the largest in the city, is set up to take patients regardless of ability to pay.  And I also know that they can bill lab work through Ryan White, so there must be something where they do primary doctor's visit.

Hi sanjuanboy, welcome to the forums.

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