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We need an ACT UP mentality to fight the Insurance Industry

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I just got off the phone after talking with my insurance provider, who I would not have been talking to if it weren't for being HIV+.  It is my standard procedure that if the person I am talking with does not give me what I want I ask to speak with their supervisor, and if supervisor doesn't give me what I want I ask for their supervisor so on and so forth.  My experience is eventually I talk with the right person and get what I want or at least some sort of concession or something.  Today I asked to speak with the first person's supervisor and she said no.  I was shocked.  I had to take a walk to calm down and I thought back to the days of ACT UP and what all they did to get changes.  I wish their was that sense from EVERY one now!  As profits just keep rising for insurance companies coverage is getting worse.  Something has just got to change!!

You 'prolly' got somebody in a call center who is paid minimum wage or maybe a little more than that.  Those calls should be recorded if the insurance company is one of the larger ones.  I hope you called back and got somebody that could answer your question(s).  I know what you mean though.. I too hate to deal with idiots that should be able to help but can't then have to ask the call get escalated to somebody who does.  Mortgage companies are the same way too.


Totally agree with you. And it needs to draw in others whose insurance only works when they are well.

hope,  she was very nice and really quite knowledgeable, but what i am asking for i know is above her pay grade and i am going to have to talk to someone else.  I want to get a my meds refilled after just having them filled, due to i am about to loose a sizeable amount of money in my FSA if I don't and other financial reasons regarding a deductable i will have at the end of next year.  Probably nothing that can be done, but I want to try as many avenues as possible.

Sadly, you are probably SOL.  Insurance companies have gotten pretty rigid about following the rules... and with the cost of meds.... well, the best you can hope for is a refill on the 30th or 31st.


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