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insurance, and mail order pharmacies, are still pretty new to me... when i first started this process my insurance company put me in contact with their in house mail order pharmacy, those folks told me they didnt handle atripla and passed me to a specialty pharmacy, the specialty folks only let me get one month at a time... a couple days ago i got my refill.... today, for some reason no one can explain, my insurance pharmacy who just a few months ago said they don't handle atripla sent me three months worth of the stuff... now this is all fine and well, more the merrier i guess, and actually it works out to be cheaper by $50 over three months... my confusion is simply, why? how'd this happen... i now owe four months of copay when i was only expecting one... just venting here cause i aint got the money money they want immediately  ??? ???

There's programs that might cover your co-pays for you.

Check out this web page

Or call the co-pay assistance program 1-866-290-4767

Assurb, try paying them something, one month's copay at a time. The mail order pharmacy probably just started to handle your HIV med. I was told my Prevacid, for GERD, wasn't covered & then a few weeks later it became available in generic & they sent it to me without any explanation.
Hang in there, it will get better!

Atripla has an insurance co-pay card that will cover up to $200 of co pay per month. It used to be after you paid the first $50 but I'm not sure if they are coving the whole $200 now.   Not sure if they'll do it on a 3 month supply, but worth checking into.  I have a whole stack of them here that we get from the drug reps.  There is a phone number on the card to call:  1-866-784-3431, maybe they'll send you one?


Oh, I forgot to mention: you may want to check to see if your state ADAP program has an insurance assistance program.  This way ADAP pays your co-pay or a significant portion thereof depending on your income.



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