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Hi all!

I have been very curious about performing oral sex on a man. If I perform oral and he ejaculates in my risky is this? I heard it is low risk but I just am afraid of doing this once or twice and then paying with my health. Is it true that people in serodiscordant relationships who used condoms never converted? And if he uses a condom and we are well lubed and he penetrates me anally, what kind of risk is this? Thanks.


Yes, the serodiscordant studies are true (there was more than one study), otherwise we wouldn't cite them on this website.

It is also true that giving oral is low risk, but nothing in life is absolutely 100% without risk. Even staying in bed, alone, hiding under the covers every day carries health risks. So many factors can come into play here (er, no pun intended) and we cannot tell you to  go out and give unprotected blowjobs. You'll have to weigh up the CURRENT available evidence and decide what level of risk you are comfortable with.

You can start by reading through the new HIV Testing Lesson, which hadn't been posted when you were active on the old forum.



I'll probably get it for this but just I read this :

The rules are simple. First, whenever you have sexual intercourse (or oral sex), practice safer sex by using a condom or dental dam (a square of latex recommended for use during oral-genital and oral-anal sex). When used properly and consistently, condoms are close to 99% effective in preventing transmission of HIV. But remember:

Recent studies show that 26% of sexually active teenagers think it's impossible to get HIV through oral sex, and 15% more don't know whether people can contract HIV this way. The truth: it is possible.

Do you know how to protect yourself during oral sex?

While it's much easier to contract HIV through unprotected vaginal or anal sex, unprotected oral sex is not a safe substitute. If you choose to perform or receive oral sex—whether your partner is male or female—it's crucial that you guard against the transmission of HIV. Here's how:

Use a latex condom each and every time you perform oral-penile sex (fellatio)
Use plastic food wrap, a latex condom cut open, or a dental dam when performing oral-vaginal sex (cunnilingus) or oral-anal sex (anilingus) (source: CDC)

OKAY.  So first theyre telling me Condoms wont work in 1% of the time, which Im not comfy with and then they go and tell me oral transmission is possible. I read the lessons and I understand statistical risk like the meteor hitting me but nobody seriously is ever told not to go outside because its possible to get hit. And they make it sound like if that virus gets in my mouth, its possible. They sound really intense. Another question you must get 8 times an hour but Ill ask it anyway: why does the cdc do that? I know youtalked about them erring on the safe side but this is a little scary. I mean I dont want to not ever have an experience because the cdc says its possible that a little sucking may well infect me. Whats the deal with the cdc?? Is it political? K, thanks for your time ann.


There are no documented cases of transmission from receiving a blowjob.

Performing felatio carries a very, very, small risk.

As far as the 99% effectiveness rating on condoms goes, it comes from the fact that condoms can break.  An intact, properly used condom is 100% effective against hiv infection.


Andy Velez:
Ice, if you want a 100% guarantee on anything then you have picked the wrong world to hang out in.

Nothing short of total abstinence sexually will give you that assurance, (although not against driving you crazy).

Latex condoms have consistently proven to be very effective in protecting against HIV transmission when worn properly and used everytime for intercourse.

Among the concerns you raise only giving blowjobs has a very slight risk possibility. Anecdotally there have been cases reported of transmission in this manner, but not in such a way as to clearly support the reports. Poor oral care (bleeding gums) might be a risk factor. Swallowing might be a risk factor. What it comes down to is this is an activity about which you have to decide what level of risk you're willing to accept.

Given the billions of blowjobs administered during the decades of the epidemic, we would have known long before today if there was a significant risk involved. However, if it's going to work your nerves then use a condom when giving oral. 

That may not be the sure and certain answer you would like, but as I said above, you've picked the wrong world for absolute happy certainty.


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