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They look at current income in Louisiana.  If you are not working you have to sign an affidavit saying you are making no money and if you are being supported.  They didn't ask for a W2 they asked for a current paystub.

It's not free, but "IF" you were to loose your job you have the right to continue your medical coverage via COBRA. 
I don't know all the ins and outs, but from what our HR people told me COBRA is good for at least a year after you loose your job, it is at your expense but the same coverage you have now.  (Meaning you stay on the companies same policy but you have to pay the full amount for your coverage)  In my case my employer pays 1/2 of my monthly costs...  If I were to loose my job I'd have to pay the whole $352 per month. 
They also said that due to the economic issues there have been some extensions and government help with this as well...  Maybe try a Google search for COBRA to learn more...
If you still didn't have a job after your COBRA is up you'll definitely qualify for ADAP by then...  Not that that's a good thing!   ;D

JR Gabbard:

--- Quote from: wtfimpoz on November 22, 2010, 12:38:13 PM ---MyTNT understanding is that they go by a formula that looks at the previous 12 months of pay.  Is this incorrect?

--- End quote ---

ADAP will look at your current income.  No job, no income (assuming you don't have other sources) so you should qualify for ADAP if you lose your job.

You might also qualify for Medicaid if your assets aren't too great and if your state approves Medicaid applications based on HIV infection alone.

wtfimpoz:  it has been my experience that you can negotiate with the drug companies and if you explain to them situation they will extend all the help possible.  If you don't get on the waitlist then as long as you are still within their income requirements, then being denied by ADAP due to income will be a reason for you to seek help through prescription assistance.  Your post mentioned you're on ATRIPLA and their patient assistance program is one of the most lenient programs out there, especially if you lost a job.  If you don't have income and you are relying on family support that is all you have to put on the application.  The application has a tear off voucher for a 30 day supply that you can fill at any pharmacy.  Then they will send you card in the mail which allows you to get meds for a year. 

Hope this helps just a little bit.



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