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the sh!t hits the fan...

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I and a large group of others were rounded up and placed on corrective action for dubious reasons which makes me think I'm going to be fired "for cause" because my company needs to get rid of a few people and doesn't want to go through layoffs.  My income is too high to qualify for ADAP, and most of the drug company plans I know of require you to be on an ADAP waitlist to qualify.  WTF should I do if I lose my job?

dunno...but i hope someone else posts the answer. i know i think about this shit more often these days as well. i also know in my county we can get emergency meds from the county. if you don't get the answer you need reach out to your local ASO tomorrow and speak with a case manager or specialist. don't let that dwell on your spirits too long...having an answer will give you some peace of mind my friend. i hope it doesnt come to this. best of luck to you.


If you get fired you will no longer have an income, so how could it be "too high"?

MyTNT understanding is that they go by a formula that looks at the previous 12 months of pay.  Is this incorrect?

I honestly don't know how they calculate it where you live. Where I live, most services of this sort are based on current income (or lack of it) and savings (over a certain amount). It wouldn't surprise me though if they do look at the past twelve months instead of where you're currently at now. Although that hardly seems fair.

Good luck. Hopefully you're worrying for no good reason. But you know the saying, "just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me". Keep your chin up.             


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