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Just received notice of Medicare approval

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So very confused. Anyone with experience with part D  and ADAP in Georgia?

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: RedBear on November 21, 2010, 03:10:05 PM ---So very confused. Anyone with experience with part D  and ADAP in Georgia?

--- End quote ---

I have found that any local Pharmacy can be very helpful if you need help choosing a part D provider . You can also go to the medicare website and compare options on line for yourself .

If you are going to get your medicine from ADAP you local ASO or your healthcare provider can assist you .
Do not be alarmed if you don't understand the system , half of the experts get confused sometime also because things change so often ... good luck !!!    

Some states ADAP will help pay your premiums if you need the assistance. Congratulations on getting the medicare.  so far I have only met 1 person around here that could ever get it and they moved here from out of state.  They still insist that  I have to wait 5 more years and hubby has to wait 15 more years.  ::)

Hey Redbear,

First and foremost, have you applied for extra help from Social Security? If you qualify, that will help cover some of the costs.

Also, Medicaid may be helpful, depending on your income level.

Are you enrolled in an ASO? If not, you should consider it because they can be very helpful in situations like this.



I know here in KY, you can get Medicaid to pay your Part D premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.  You can get a prescription drug plan where you pay just $2.50 for generics and $6.30 for brand name.  So, you'd pay just $6.30 for HIV meds--since I don't believe any are available as a generic here yet??  And, when they and you pay out $4,000 something, you will pay ZERO dollars. 

The financial cut-off to receive this help is $1,100 or somewhere around there.  I don't have the exact figures.  I believe the cut-off is actually higher, but not sure.  Here, they will also pay the $110/mth premium for Medicare Part B.  If you make less than $923, they will also give you a Medicaid card that will pay the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay. 

It is called QMB.  You should definitely check it out.  I'm sure the rules may vary state to state. 


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