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If you have time Tim, Ann, Andy, please respond


Hello everybody; I've been lurking around these forums and finally decided to join and ask my risk questions - I'm relatively sexually inexperienced and hope I am not too annoying - so here are my risks:

Went to a gentleman's club where you can go in the back to the vip area for some extra money with a girl of your choice - they have their own little rooms, and while in there, I received a rough handjob during which the lady used her saliva as a lubricant - I was scared later when at the end of the show I saw I had a wide open cut -

My other fear - about 10 minutes into the show, as I adjusted my body on the I guess you could call it "platform" or whatever it was - I put my hand down and got a white fluid on my hand - I was of course freaking out right away b/c I thought it must be a previous customer's cum on my hand - I used a paper towel right away to wipe it off - she said that they clean after shows and that it must have been ranch dressing from her salad she was eating earlier - I don't know if she said that to just make me feel better or if it was true - anywya, am I at risk there if it was somebody else's semen that I got on my hand?

Please tell me if I should worry at all over this...?  I hope you tell me that I do not have to.  Thamnk y ou guys.

Andy Velez:
OK. So you need to know that along with being exciting becoming more active sexually can also stir up a lot of anxiety. Which is what I think is happening in your case.

You were not at risk for HIV in this situation. Period. Being masturbated is not a risk for HIV even if she had her saliva or other body fluids on her hand. Whether the white gook alongside the platform was sperm or salad dressing is also irrelevant. HIV is a fragile virus and doesn't survive long in the air IF in fact that was sperm and IF the previous guy was HIV+.

The real risks for HIV transmission as you will find when you read the lesson on transmission on this site, (the link is in the first thread in this section), is having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse. As long as you wear a latex condom everytime you have intercourse you will be ok sexually as far as HIV is concerned.

There are other STDs out there but that is a separate issue.

This time out I don't see any cause for further concern on your part. But do read that lesson about transmission. It will help you to enjoy your sexuality, to protect your health and spare you a lot of unnecessary worrying.


Really????  So I can let this fear fly out of my mind and not think twice about it ever again? 

Man, if so, that would be a relief...

I guess what I meant to this so not a risk that I don't even have to test over this (I am otherwise sexually inactive, just to note - still a virgin), and I don't even have to worry for a second over this?  Thanks.

Andy Velez:
Yes, that is what I am saying. This is not something over which you need to have any further concern.

No kidding.


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