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cheap medication in thailand

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Hi anyone knows where i can get cheap medication for me and my bf? im also helping some of my friends who are pos too to get medication but i simply do not know where to get it. :'(


hi and welcome aboard!

The only people I know involved in HIV care in Thailand are here:

maybe you can contact them and they can direct you.  But I would think that your doctor should know how the system works.
There are a few people on this forum who live in Thailand who will be able to help you more than I can.
Keep us posted on how you and your boyfriend manage.

Hope this helps,


hey thanks for the reply. hope there are some thais who are able to help me here. i heard there is some buying group or ngo in bangkok that helps ppl to buy medication at a cheap rate?. anybody know who i can approach? is there a buying group at yr side too?

Mai lu, buying groups seem to be more widespread in the US and I am not even sure they manage to get HAART drugs; vitamins I know they can. Gotta ask the many americans here ;)


I think the cheaper generics are destined to the people who live in Thailand, and that it might be hard to procure a prescription for them.
It isnt clear where you're writing from though.


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