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Hi there,

I just had a couple of questions, can I ask:

1) Do those with needlestick injuries tend to develop HIV slower than those who's risk was unprotected sex? (I ask because the UK guidelines which say healthcare workers receiving such injuries should wait 6-8 months before a result is conclusive. I thought this might be due to them taking antivirals)

2) What is your opinion on the HIV duo test if taken at 28days? - it looks for both p24 antigen and antibodies. There are a number of private clinics in London which have started offering it.

3) How might I be able to contact other users of this site? I understand we should post on other peoples threads.

Many thanks!

Hiya, sorry I should have been more clear on why I was asking the previous questions. It's now 2am and have hit panic mode, afraid I've done something stupid!-

I had unprotected oral sex about 15 weeks ago. I had an antibody test at 11 weeks, and then having looked on the internet and seen some reccommendations for a private clinic, went for the p24 antigen and antibody test at 14 weeks. Both of these were negative.

Having stumpled across your site while checking this was def all I needed, I read that you don't support the above type of test, and that clinic that offer it are problem only after money. This has panicked me, is if this test is a scam, the doctor's might well be untrustworthy in terms of clinical cleanliess not just money. I am scared senseless about this and really wish I'd come across you guys sooner... Would you reccommend testing in this circumstance?

You don't get HIV from receiving a blowjob. No test is needed.

Andy Velez:
If by oral sex you received a blowjob then as Rod has said there is no need for testing. Uncountable numbers of blowjobs later after 25 years in the epidemic there has never been a documented case of transmission in this manner. You aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

If you gave oral the number of confirmed cases of transmission in that manner are very, very few and even those are questionable. The evidence is much more in favor of transmission not occuring in that manner.

So I don't really see a need for testing in relation to this incident you are concerned about.

Please clarify if I am missing something here.

Hi guys, thanks for such a quick response - it's fantastic.

My concern was not the unprotected oral (I understand I am out of the window period). I am more concerned about having an HIV test done at this private clinic. They appear quite widely used (have been mentioned a few times on this site). They advocate that after thousands of HIV duo tests at 28 days they have never had an incorrect result, and say this can be enough to be almost conclusive.
Having looked at your site this seems questionable, so I am now worried about this pratice's credentials. I fear they don't have a responsible approach to their clients, and so might be lax on infection control between patients/doctor-patient. They are registed with the healthcare commission etc but don't know if this means much.
Just to check, if I was to have contracted the virus from the needle used in taking blood, the window period is still 12-13 weeks? I hope this makes sense, I am panicking like nothing else but trying to be as clear as possible.


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